The Importance of Proactive Car Repairs

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The Importance of Proactive Car Repairs

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Answering Two Common Questions About Problems Your Truck's Air Conditioner May Experience

Being a commercial truck driver can be a financially and personally rewarding career for you to have. To keep the truck comfortable during the long hours you spend in it, an air conditioning system can be essential on hot days. Yet, these systems can encounter a number of problems over the time that you own the truck, and it is important for you to know the answers to the following couple of questions so that you will be better prepared to address these issues when they arise.

What Is Causing A Grinding Noise When The Air Conditioner Is Running?

There might come a day when you turn on the air conditioner and notice that the unit is making an extremely loud grinding sound. This problem can stem from a lack of lubrication on the fans of the air conditioner. To avoid permanently damaging these fans, you should turn off the air conditioner until you are able to have it professionally serviced, despite the fact that it may still be able to blow cold air.

Failure to stop running the air conditioner until repairs are made can cause the fans to be destroyed due to the intense friction and heat generated. Fortunately, adding lubricant to the air conditioner fans is a simple repair that can be done by any certified truck mechanic. While you may not want to go without your air conditioner when it is making noises, it can be a temporary discomfort that can save you from having to pay for far more expensive repairs than necessary.

Why Did The Air Conditioner Suddenly Stop Blowing Cold Air?

Another fairly common problem that an air conditioner can encounter is that it may suddenly stop blowing cold air. When the unit will intermittently blow cold air, this can be a sign that the fans have suffered a catastrophic failure and will need to be replaced in order to restore functionality.

However, if you notice that the unit completely stops blowing cold air, this might indicate that a refrigerant leak has made the system unable to cool air. Luckily, this can be a relatively simple problem to repair. By pressuring the truck's air conditioning system, it is possible to easily spot where the fluid is leaking.

Keeping your truck's air conditioner functioning is critical for making sure that you stay as comfortable as possible while driving. Unfortunately, if your truck encounters problems with the air conditioning, you might not know how to best address these issues. Understanding these answers will help you to be better informed when problems arise.

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