The Importance of Proactive Car Repairs

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The Importance of Proactive Car Repairs

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Giving Your Child A Used Car? Replace The Tires To Maximize Safety

Once your kid becomes old enough to get their learner's permit, you may plan on buying them a vehicle once they get their driver's license. After being in the car with them on many occasions, you may feel confident in their driving abilities. But, you may want to do everything that you can to maximize their safety on the road. A great step to take is replacing the tires on a used car.

Tread Depth

When you buy a used vehicle for your child, you may notice that the tires are worn down. This is something that you can find out on your own by checking out the tread depth. By replacing the tires, you will provide your kid with tires that have maximum tread for safe driving.

If you are wondering if you should replace the tires right away, you cannot go wrong with visiting a tire shop for a thorough inspection to determine whether they are safe to drive on.

Fitting Tires

An important detail to consider with the tires is making sure that you pick the right ones. Although you could get all-season tires and know that your kid will be able to drive in any road condition, you should consider your local climate to choose tires that will improve safety.

For instance, if you live in a desert climate where rain and snow is nearly nonexistent, you will benefit from investing in summer tires that provide better braking compared to all-season tires. Summer tires are able to reach a complete stop after 149 feet with all-season tires taking 167 feet, which means you will enjoy around a 10% difference when you get summer over all-season.

Multiple Tire Sets

If you live in an area that gets all sorts of weather throughout the year, you may feel most comfortable with all-season tires. But, another option is investing in multiple tire sets that you can change throughout the year depending on the season. In a cold climate, your child can use all-season tires for three seasons and then switch to winter tires as soon as winter arrives.

This is an excellent option when you have a place to store your tires or you are able to find a tire shop that will store them. With this setup, you will get a guarantee tire rotation every time you switch the tires, which will help to reduce the overall wear and tear on your new tires.

When you buy a used car for your kid, you should not hesitate to replace the tires because it will maximize their safety whenever they are on the road. Contact a company, like East Bay Tire Co., for more help.